” ….. you have a good team of people. I have been impressed with Elisa, Jon, Linda and
always Antone! And also Mikel for keeping everything running and caring about the
business and clients ! Thank you for all you do!” – Vicki H. (Board Member)

” I have worked with several management companies throughout my ten years on our Condo
Association Board; eight as president. Rhodes Management was truly the best.
On top of every detail and due to their quick and thorough action after hurricane Wilma,
our claims were settled promptly. Mikel Rhodes’ professionalism and knowledge of
Statute 718 is advantageous to any board of directors. I would certainly recom-
mend a personal interview with Mikel and his company to determine the
value of contracting with this professional, capable and caring management
team. ” – Jack J. Rose, Plantation, FL

” I was opposed to using a manager at first. I was wrong. Our building is too com-
plex to have it run by two or three part-time residents. I am glad we chose Rhodes
because you have learned and grown along with us and have provided reliable,
personal service. ” – Don B. (Board Member)

” I can’t thank you enough for the effort put forth in resolving my issue. In addition, con-
versing with you was informative and enlightening. I know that you and Linda have the best
intentions and have a long road ahead of you. It is apparent that our community needs
people like you desperately in order for the association to control finances and run as
well as it should. ” – Joyce W. (Unit Owner)

” I just want to take the time to congratulate you on a terrific Meeting. Probably the
best one ever. Not only do I have the utmost respect for you, but I am in awe of your
knoweldge and I know it was transmitted throughout the meeting last night. Your present-
ations were flawless and so were your answers. You spoke to the people and they loved
it ! ” – Myra (Board Member)

” I can’t imagine a building as well organized and functioning without Rhodes
Management knowledge, skills and overall expertise. ” – Linda S. (Board Member)

” . . . as you may know for the past year we have experienced a level of frustration that no one should ever have to experience because of the law firm . . . . . We have finally gotten the case closed and released from their offices. Rhodes Management has been the only voice of reasoning during this entire ordeal. I want to personally let you know that Mike Rhodes and Linda Laviano have been responsive to all of my inquiries, they have been professional and in a timely manner have researched and answered all my questions. I can honestly tell you that this case would not have been resolved without all of their efforts. THANK YOU RHODES MANAGEMENT !!!!” – Ledys M. (unit owner)

Dear (Manager), 

You have done a lot of good work for this “In Perdition” building, since you are managing . . .

We, you and I, got to the building at the same time, because it is for me also, two years of
celebrations, here in the (Community), and I feel so lucky to have my safe, clean and organized
home here, because of you guys !!

Yes, you have done a lot of improvements, and as an Owner I just wanted to say:

Thank you !

Bravo for you, who has a velvet hand inside a metal glove, and managed every single
issue and problem as a Master !!!!

Thank you to all, and have a wonderful Holiday.

The best of my regards,
Maurice D. (Unit Owner)

“I just want to take a minute of your time to thank the members of the B.O.D. & Rhodes for the
job you have done; it was a great, great job.

I am really proud to be an owner of the building.”

Great Job,
G.G. (Unit owner)