Rhodes Management LLC was created by a group of professionals and headed by its principal, Michael “Mikel” Rhodes, LCAM, CMCA, AMS, Licensed Real Estate Broker.

With a combined work experience measuring over fifty years, these professionals together with Mr. Rhodes have been recognized as experts in their field and have now sought to provide South Florida the integrity and professionalism which unfortunately and sadly has been lacking in the Community Management sector here in South Florida.

Due to the rapid growth of the community lifestyle throughout our nation and in particular South Florida; and the ever increasing State and Federal regulations; the necessity for professionally managed associations and commercial properties – by genuine career professionals has dramatically increased and become evermore apparent.
With the current Real Estate downturn upon us; condominium buyers and lending institutions are now and will ever increasingly pursue well managed and financially strong and stable communities with ample Reserve Allocations and Funding to sustain each perceptible problem.

Our approach is to work hand and hand with Board members and principals; fostering inclusiveness, open and educated communication; providing the highest level of professional advice and guidance. All of this coupled with the latest in technological support available today provides the utmost in effective and efficient community operations.

Please call us to find out why our communities are heralded by Board Members, Unit Owners and investors alike.